Halloween slips through the night.

Driving through an old neighborhood on my work break, watching out for children and the parental flashlights that tell me to slow down.

I thought this town had lost Halloween.

Years without trick-or-treaters coming to the door.

The times have changed this holiday into caution: candy not the same, maybe laced with something.

All the blacked-out houses losing the spirit, the inhabitants more keen on watching a movie made for television.

And what has Halloween become for me?

A bag of carrots on a work desk, watching the hours turn into money that will be in my pocket at the end of the week.

Paychecks keep me running;

the gas for my bones;

the fumes that I breathe in without fear of catching a cold.

If I could dress up as a bank account that would always replenish itself I would do it.

For sure.


4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. jordan, this is a great story. best one yet. now you know what kept grandpa going all those years. 2 & 3 jobs at times just chasing that money. now he’s enjoying the house he built in Idaho and now chasing the all elusive elk. love you and oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GREAT JOB!!!!

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