An audio tape of a girl whispering in the bed sheets, telling you it’s too early to drift off.

A pleasant thought with the moon falling ever downwards until it meets the mountains overhead.

An evening spent in the company of wine, forgetting to trouble myself with trench coat memories meant for the pouring rain.

And if there was a knocking at this door, would you be there holding the key to something special, dressed in make-up kisses, or that nightdress that tickles your ankles?

Dig deep and you might find the best of me.

Tread softly and I swear I’ll keep these waters calm.

Writing  profound templates of how to live a life without running in circles.

Cruising the temptations you gave me without a steering wheel.

Watching the patterning light from the stars above from the porch of a home with closets that compact precious heirlooms and keepsakes into transportable necklaces you can wear around your neck like a gift that will never unclasp.

A warm breeze tumbling my waning clumsiness into fashionable purpose.

A globe spinning near the window, waiting for a finger to mark the spot.

A map charting all of you in dots and lines.

A calculator tossed in the garbage because calculations ruin the surprise.

And that lingering perfume, the one you might wear when the world has bowed its head to your parting red lips, which have scribbled into a smile fit for a picture frame on the ledge of you cannot be wrong.

A final resting place for that ring you tossed into the ocean, dead metal caked in dirt.

A graveyard for the pessimism in you.

Chimes for this awakening that echo off the downtown walls and the alleyway where I toss an empty beer can.

A song losing the repeat, the last note fading quietly into a golden silence you can write to.

Finishing with an exuberant exhalation and a rewarding collapse, running smooth fingers down your naked spine, goosebumps following the heaves of your rising and falling breath.

A morning, and an afternoon, and an early evening with firelight crimson soaking the horizon, still in bed with you and your laughter, rolling in the wrinkled and worn sheets.

A goodbye never coming.

A hello held firmly in place.

An I Love You dripping off the windowpane where the fog likes to rest.

And my voice there for you, like soothing thunder for your sometimes stormy mind.


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