-Photo by CBS Boston-


It’s the new craze in this great sports nation. All because of this excellent photo of Tom Brady sulking during the Super Bowl. I saw this photo and almost pissed myself in laughter because I really hate Brady, with hate not being too strong of a word at all. It’s a sportsman’s hate- hate the guy on the field; hate him off the field. Hate all around. Everywhere.

Most people see hatred as an evil thing. Not me. It fuels my sports watching habit. I’d almost take Tom Brady suffering on the football field over my favorite team winning the Super Bowl. It’s like that.

To be sure, lets clarify what Bradying means, as defined by Busted Coverage.

“The act of being in the seated position, shoulders at an 80-degree angle with the head slouching as if a Wide Receiver just dropped another catch and you can’t play Wide Receiver, too. Right hand in a fist while left hand acts as the Chipotle burrito shell. Feet perfectly at a 90-degree angle. Forearms on thighs.”

Indeed, this glorified term should be inducted into Miriam Webster’s dictionary so the word can be used freely, in scholastic essays and professional pages, in Words with Friends and in passing, to describe a man who has shat himself in stupidity and sulkiness.

It is a comforting feeling, going into the offseason, knowing Tom Brady is an unhappy man, that his wife is an unhappy woman, and that the butt of the world’s jokes have shifted from Tebow to Brady and the butt of his chin. So thank you Ely Manning, you “mouth breathing dummy” in the eyes of myself and Ruxin from The League, and thank you New York Giants for making a mockery of Tom Brady and the Patriots…again.

And I am not the only one loving this phenomenon. Brady’s photo has inspired the country to take their own Bradying snapshots. I’ll leave you with some prime examples, taken from Bradying.com:


5 thoughts on “Bradying and the Tantrum

    • Thank you so very much for your kind comment. As an aspiring writer this is one of the best complements I can receive. It has been a new experience creating this blog and sharing my writing with the world. I have always kept my writing to myself and was hesitant to put it out there but it makes it worth it when people like you appreciate the words I have written. Again, thank you so very much for sending the fantastic compliment. I’ll be sure to update my blog weekly so check back for more in a bit. Take Care!


  1. Haha! I love it! But with the Douchebagery comparison; those guys are lucky that it’s not a comparison between the both of them and the people walking into the building behind them. If that were the case, the people walking into the building would win by a rather large margin 🙂

  2. well, suppose i’d have to know about pro football to know what the fuss is about. since i don’t i have no comment. only that it was so good to see you saturday. what an excellant surprise. love you

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